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The pros of professional creativity

I found myself in the translation business

back in 2006, and it took me about 2 years to realize there is no way I can escape from creative translation as my specialty area.


Not that I wanted to escape though. It's what I can do best, and it makes my clients happy. Also, for me creative translation is fun. The mind-breaking, time-consuming, sometimes exhausting and always rewarding fun of trying to find the right words and concepts for a foreign message that has to be conveyed in my native language.

Yes, I am a fan of my profession.

But it's not all about fun, is it? It's also about business and work ethic.


As your business partner, I see my role in taking your worries away and letting you focus on other areas. With me, you can be 100% sure that no detail of the task will be overlooked, no question left unanswered and no creative effort of your writers wasted.


And I never miss deadlines! For me, it's quite serious: if I ever miss a deadline,

the translation is free of charge for you.

Want more details? Please see below,

or else request a quote now.

Education & Experience

I have a university diploma in Linguistics (with honors), as well as some experience in hospitality, sales, and advertising. For the past 14 years I have been a full-time freelance language professional, translating, transcreating and editing copy for clients like the leading luxury brands, international hotel chains, and the world's top companies

in various areas. 


Credentials & Memberships

I have taken part in a number of translation conferences and workshops as a participant, speaker and program committee member (Young Writers Forum, Translation Forum Russia, UTICamp, etc.)

I am a member of the Certified PRO network, which means my professional credentials and business reliability have been


...And a Bit of That Human Touch

 I love music and figure skating, all my life. I love making crazy dreams come true, like translating a great novel and having it published in Russia, or founding an adult skating club. I love my family, and we all love traveling to places not normally favored by tourists. I love my friends and treasure every chance to say a personal hi to my wonderful clients and buddies

around the globe.



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