"I can help with brand checks,

market research, data collection,

surveys, and many other

business tasks that require

my knowledge and expertise."

Being both a language professional and a local, I can be your virtual guide on the Russian market for the time you need, to help you get the desired information and achieve your goals. I can help with

  • brand checks

  • market research

  • data collection

  • surveys

  • phone calls to partners

  • and many other business tasks that require my knowledge and expertise.

How does that work? Suppose you are launching a new brand and have plans for the Russian-speaking market in the future. When you pick a brand name, among other things you'd want to know how the name of your brand will sound for a Russian person. Will it evoke any negative images? Will it sound or look similar to an existing brand? Will the slogan be culturally appropriate? These are the right questions for a language professional to find answers to and thus help you make informed decisions.

I can also represent your company/brand in Samara, Russia if you have business plans here and need help.

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